Microsoft email server to be phased out of beta program

Share This Article                        Microsoft email servers, including the Windows email service and Outlook, will soon cease being used in beta and will not be available for purchase, Microsoft has announced.Microsoft has made the announcement on its blog, saying […]

When is Everquest Server status?

Fortnite’s servers are in limbo for the moment, and they’ve been for a few weeks now.Everquest Server Status article When is the server still up and running?A server is not currently up and functioning, but the game has been available to play for a while, as has the server list, which includes the everquest servers listed on the Everquest subreddit.It’s […]

NHL Players Want Their Own Free VPN Server – Free Vpn Server

The NHL Players Association (NPA) has announced a plan to provide its players with their own free VPN server for the duration of the season, allowing them to surf the web anonymously.The NHLPA has stated that it is a great step towards protecting the privacy of its players and its employees, and the league is now in the process of […]

How to get the most out of your email server

I think email servers are the best thing to happen to the Internet in recent memory.They let you send and receive emails without needing to be connected to a computer or a network.The best thing about them is that they let you use them to make real-time decisions about your web-based life.But they’re also a little pricey.And sometimes the price […]

Email server is out of control, is being shut down, says chairman of Australian ISP, says he

AUSTRALIAN ISP is shutting down the world’s most popular email service over concerns about how it was set up.Email service provider, Serversafe, said it was shutting down because of “a lack of funding” and was facing an “imminent” shutdown.The company has been struggling with a massive loss in a year as it tries to expand its network, which it has […]

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