Minecraft server with 10,000 players and counting

Server that has 10,004 Minecraft servers and counting, and counting.It has 10 million players and 10 million unique visitors, according to the company’s website.The server also has over 7 million users.

What does it mean when someone uses a “soft serve” clothing label?

Steam is reportedly taking the gloves off and letting people use the term “soft-serve” to describe clothing that uses a similar manufacturing process as American Express’s.The service has been under fire recently for using the term, with users complaining that the word makes them sound like they don’t care about the quality of their own products.American Express has reportedly apologized […]

Why you should use rivateuner statistics

Statistics server is a tool for monitoring, forecasting, and analysis of events.It is one of the most popular web services for analysing and reporting on real-time data.This article is the second part of a series looking at how to get the most out of statistics server.For the first part, we will look at what rivareuner is and how to use […]

How to host a Minecraft server for your friends

Terrace, the Terrace Server, has been making waves in the Minecraft world.It lets you host Minecraft servers for a small fee, and the server is open source and free for anyone to use. A recent Minecraft Server update released on the Minecraft forums makes it easy to host Terrace servers, too. For $5 a month, you can host Minecraft on a Terrace […]

Which meme platform is the best?

On Twitter, the term “meme” is used to describe the shared and often bizarre interactions between people in online communities.On Reddit, the word “memer” is sometimes used to refer to a specific individual or group of people.But the term meme has also been used to define various groups and individuals in real life: the alt-right, the Trump administration, the alt […]

What is the new Google-owned Google Cloud Platform?

The new cloud platform Google has been in talks to buy Cloud Platform, which is the underlying technology behind Google’s online services.Google’s move would mean that Google would be able to continue to use its existing Cloud Platform code and applications.Cloud Platform is a popular open source codebase that lets users access the internet from multiple machines on the same […]

A rare walkthrough of the world’s most beautiful outdoor dining venues

With its rustic design and relaxed ambience, the world of dining in cities and countryside is a delight.However, when it comes to the finer points of dining at home, it’s hard to beat the outdoors.Here, we’ve pulled together a guide to some of the best places to eat, drink and relax on a beautiful day.Here’s what to expect… 1.Restaurants: There […]

What to expect when the new Apple Watch arrives on Nov. 21

The Apple Watch will arrive on Nov 21, but the next few weeks will be critical for how the company delivers the new device, which will be its most ambitious device to date.Apple announced the Watch at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, and it’s one of the company’s most significant announcements yet.The Watch has a 2.2-inch display that’s curved […]

When Soft Serve gets to Minecraft, they can have a hard time competing

Soft serve machine startup Soft Serve is moving away from Minecraft server software and into a more robust version of its server virtualization platform, Mojang says.The company says it will be offering Mojang’s Minecraft server suite to users starting March 5.The Mojang servers will be running on Soft Serve hardware, Mojango said.The platform will run Mojang games and apps on […]

Minecraft: Vanilla Server is outdated

The Minecraft server that’s been used in recent years to host Minecraft mods is outdated and no longer supported, according to a message posted on the official Minecraft forum.The Minecraft server was a popular part of the Minecraft world and was built by Mojang, a game studio that is also owned by Microsoft.It was originally designed to host mods that […]

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